"Look after your body"
You’ve only got one body for the whole of your life
Description: A young, healthy-looking girl is diving into a swimming pool and swimming under water.

"Express yourself"
Keep your brain moving: feel, think, listen to others, defend your ideas.
Description: Several teenagers are sitting around in an informal group talking about the rehearsal of a play

What do you really like doing? What sort of person do you want to be? What do you find worth doing? So go and do it!
Description: A teenage music band are showing off their instruments.

"Impress your mates"
What can you do? Make the best out of your strong points.
Description: A skateboarder in the air shows off a trick jumping over an obstacle.

"Choose your group of friends"
When you think differently to your friends, is it seen as a threat?
Find some friends who like you for what and how you are.
We don’t all have to be the same to have a good time.
Description: Two friends are giving each other a hug.

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